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Freedom to use your time effectively

We know educators spend their own free time on documentation. Now you don't have to.

With our time-saving features, you'll find you're spending less time and creating higher-quality documentation. We'll take away the hackwork so you can focus on what's important - recording each child's learning journey.

Freedom to document
in a way that works for you

We give you the tools to create learning stories, you choose how to do it.

No constraints, no restrictions. Add as many learning outcomes, photos and files as you like. Write about single students, small groups or the class as a whole. It's up to you.

Freedom to connect with families in their own space, at their own pace

Not only do we make documentation easy for you, it's easy for families too.

Families can see their child's portfolio whenever and wherever they like. Once they're securely logged in, they can easily view learning stories and add their own contributions.

National Quality Framework

Quality Areas 1 and 5
KindyPortal helps teachers demonstrate in an overt way how they're observing and tracking children's learning in relation to the Early Years Learning Framework and other recognised curricula.

Quality areas 4, 6 and 7
KindyPortal facilitates staff teamwork with features such as our multi-level journals for recording all elements of staff communication and development.

Get your free time back

Our Educator's Library
is stocked with pre-written learning stories for you to use, with more added each term.

Our Observation Summary
lists the children in your group by the number of learning outcomes you've observed, showing you which children you're observing most, and which may need some focus.

Our Curriculum View
shows you how many times each learning outcome has been observed for each student - great for reviewing child and group progress and helping you shine during NQF assessment and rating.

Our Parent Collaboration Tools
allow families to add their own contributions to your learning stories, in their own space and at their own pace.

Our Transition Statement Module
speeds the creation of meaningful transition statements by helping you view and re-use the documentation you've written throughout the year.


We take security and privacy very seriously. We follow best security practices, use industry standard SSL encryption and check security multiple times before allowing users to access or change documentation.


We're hosted with Google Australia, a Tier 1 provider. Data is redundantly stored in three different physical locations, providing high availability and durability.


In Queensland, all Early Childhood services are required to archive their documentation in relation to children for 21 years for legal purposes. KindyPortal stores your data safely and securely for 25 years, giving you easy access at any time to archived data.

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